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The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award for the Dominus Speaker and Interconnect, 2018

AVShowrrom's Gold Show Award, Axpona 2017

AV Showroom's Gold Show Award for Best Sound at Capital Audiofest, 2017

Super AV's Performance Award, 30th Anniversary AC cable, 2017

HiFi+'s Digital Audio Cable of the Year Award for our 30th Anniversary USB, 2016

PFO's Brutus Award for Neptune Interconnects & Speaker Cables, 2016

Super AV's Performance Award, 30th Anniversary USB, 2016

PFO's Brutus Award, for Dominus AC Power Cord, 2016

PFO's Audio Oasis, Axpona 2016

AVShowroom's Gold Show Award, RMAF 2016

AVShowroom's Gold Show Award, Capital Audio Fest 2016

PFO's Audio Oasis, Axpona 2015

Super AV's Aquila Digital AC

Audio Shark's Best Sounding Room, RMAF, 2014

Musaeus Cable Line, 2015

25th Anniversary AC Power, 2014-2015

The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Award, Dominus Interconnects and Speaker Cables

PFO's Audio Oasis, RMAF 2014

AVShowroom's Golden Show Award, Capital Audiofest 2014

The Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award, Dominus Interconnects and Speaker Cables

PFO's Brutus Award, Aquila Digital AC & Ultimate USB, 2013

AVShowrrom's Gold Show Award, Axpona 2013

High Fidelity's Best Product Award, Corvus Cable Line 2012

Gold Show Award, Capital Audiofest 2013

HiFi Magazine's Cable of the Year, Musaeus Cable Line, 2013

The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Award, Dominus Cable Line, 2013

Super AV's Overall Performance Award, Corvus Speaker Cables, 2013

PFO's Brutus Award, Proteus Provectus Cable Line, 2007

The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Award, Dominus Cable Line, 2012

PFO's Audio Oasis, Proteus Provectus Cable Line, 2015

Stereo Times' Publisher's Choice, Proteus Provectus Cable Line, 2010

So, this sound is entirely different.

The only change was the USB cable, from my Lexar 512 SSD to my Amare Diamond Music Player (data leg) and to the Anker Battery (power leg).

First off:

The space and background is definitely quieter, but responsive. Not a flat, muffled background that sucks in sound, but a good feeling, responsive quiet, like it has the ability to flow and spring back with the music. Nice, so very nice.

The strings, ahh the strings, I now have a full pluck, top to bottom strike and the deacy is natural. How did this happen?

I have only heard this at a live event. And the stand up bass has a twang and an edge, with a bit of resin. Very Nice.

The dynamics are much better and the overall tonal balance has the ability to move and react with the flow of the music.

I suppose the best word is “reactive and free dynamics”.

This is amazing. One data cable did this, the 30th Anniversary Purist Audio Dual conduit USB Cable, it really gets me excited when I listen, Dianna Krall really is preforming and the audience is reacting to her and the band....that is new.

This is the very first time I felt Dianna Kralls piano and band have soul and freedom to give that live excitement ...here at home.


...this Purist just has amazing sound. It has depth, clear and normal sounds and voices. Wow! With the Purist HDMI, the picture also is more natural, and neutral, less edgy color and easy on the eyes.

I really love this Purist Audio hdmi, absolutely.

Really, really have found the golden hdmi cable for my system.

"Purist Audio Design was showing its Silver Revision Impresa headphone cables (starting at $685 depending on configuration) with silver wire constructed with Nano technology to improve its conductivity and strength. Listening to a pair of Audeze LCD headphones on the “Dem Bones (Gonna Rise Again)” track, the sound was smooth, extended, detailed, transparent, and clear."

"Big, spacious, warmer than leaner... though not in a way that is overly warm or ripe... the Neptune line is a whole lot of fun. Which is what we are hearing when we play music--not only from ourselves, but from many others passing through. You get the resolution and details, but not in an analytical, in your face presentation. Nothing is pushed at you, suggesting that the cables are quite even in terms of frequencies--that is, they are not hyped or rolled-off. There is neither a euphonic coloration or any sense of some anomaly to push this or that on our music. Balanced and musical. Sweet. Warm and musical."

"More detailed, loads of top end detail, cymbals, the drumsticks weight as the hit cymbals, bass has better tone/pitch between notes, bass guitar has an awesome growl/bark, both kick drum and bass are more percussive, hit you in the chest more...guitar is more "in the room" ...These are both very good interconnects, but I think Luminist reveals more information. I heard the bass filling in on the brand new Luminist just in the 1.5 hours. Luminist is better out of the box."

"From the extremely quiet noise floor, small details popped out, percussion from Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" came from deep in the soundstage yet seemed clear as a "bell". The power of the full orchestra was easily rendered, and dynamics handled with aplomb. The system expressed detail in a perfect way, not edgy or forward, but with ease and gave the listener a relaxed sense to just listen and have fun."

"Purist Audio Design.... Jim Aud is just an absolutely wonderful person to deal with and over the past fifteen years has always, always, been there for me whenever I had an issue,(which rarely ever happens) a question or just requiring some information."

"These audio cables from Purist Audio Design are not only a fascinating case study in engineering, I think they sound fantastic."

"Sonically, the sheer scale and dynamics of the music in this room was bloody extraordinary. The electronics might have been new to North America, but the effect was "Audio Oasis! Award material" all the way. The sound was effortless, fluid, natural, organic, and had the sort of transparency that I associate with only the finest sort of designs that I've encountered on this planet. Detail without edginess; dynamics without loss of control; full-frequency-range presentation without humps or valleys...I was really gobsmacked by what was happening..."

"...The sound quality was in the top five rooms I visited, bursting with power and grace. “Jazz Variants” performed by the O-zone Percussion Group, had everything tympanic in its proper place and all mallets striking with proper force."

"I never realized how much this device was adding to the sound until I decided to unplug it and just see if it really was doing anything. When I first got it I plugged it in and assumed it was doing something - wow was I was shocked when I unplugged it after a couple of months in use! The sound became diffused and blurry, the texture was now gritty and grainy. It amazed me just how much noise the device was filtering out and how much it improved the sound. How clear the images became, how transparent the soundstage was; truly it was a night and day difference, the value of such tweaks is usually negligible. I don't see this as a tweak anymore, its an essential component for digital playback."

"The bonus is their specific characteristic--they 'release' tension, nervousness from the recordings, allowing everything to sound as it should."

"Just wanted to congratulate you on doing whatever you do to make them so outstanding!! ...With the Sennheiser 800 headphones they make a remarkable improvement. Thank you for such great work...Your AC 25 Anniv Power Cord also made a significant improvement. In each case I thought what I had was already very good!!!!"

"Jim Aud...a real gentleman and a maker of very fine cables. Once again, Jim very kindly provided us with cables for our system. As Jim's cables were either hidden behind equipment, or tucked into the corner of the room, they did not get the attention they deserved, compared to the larger and so more eye-catching electronics and loudspeakers. This is a shame, as Purist Audio makes extremely good cables. This is the second time we have used Jim's cables and both times they have allowed the system to breathe and really come alive. Highly recommended."

"Jim Aud is...a founding father of high-end audio."

"After some time I decided to go for the Purist Audio Limited Edition. I live in the Netherlands and the cable had to go back to Purist Audio for 220v use. Jim Aud was very kind to adapt it for 220v use. I was amazed about the quality."

"...the soundstage...retained pintpoint imaging and sweet high frequencies. Bass was fast and taunt, avoiding both bloating and muddying up the lower midrange, resulting in superb clarity."

"In The Voice That Is room, Purist Audio Design’s Luminist 25th Anniversary ($55,000) cables were mated with Tidal electronics and its new Contriva G2 speakers. With music sourced from the Aurrender W20 Reference music server and Bricasti M1 DAC, and power supplied by the highly effective Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6 power conditioner, the finely detailed sound emerged from a very deep soundstage. The room was definitely a candidate for Best of Show."

"Ex-NASA engineer Jim Aud and his team have advanced their thinking, culminating in a reference fluid-shielded cable--the Neptune. It is the newest addition to Purist Audio Design's Luminist Revision series, developed partly in response to customer feedback to make the cables more flexible and user-friendly, while also increasing their performance. The Neptune comes in a four-cable set with positive and negative signals separated. The fluid shields the 7AWG bundle of fine single-crystal-copper strands from RF, EMI, and vibration. The shielding helped produce a huge soundstage with explosive dynamics in a system with Atma-Sphere electronics and Classic Audio loudspeakers."

"Showing with Ralph Karsten’s Atma-Sphere Novacron amps ($19,200/pr.), and the Purist Audio Design Neptune series of cables, there is no denying the synergy. I sat utterly rapt in Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar work, and simply have to marvel at the ability John’s speakers have to delve into and release music in one of the most dynamically and harmonically correct presentations you’ll hear."

"I found the Tidal/Bricasti room consistently sounding good. The big Bricasti M28 amps, paired with the Bricasti M1 DAC produced a balanced, good sound. I returned to this room three times and each time it sounded great. I'm not sure what was doing what to make it sound so good."

"If I had to characterize the sound of the Purist-cabled analog rig in one word I would say ‘organic’. The whole sonic picture presents a detailed yet ever so slightly warm balance, rendering most recordings very pleasing to the ear. The PAD is open, clear, and slanted slightly toward the mids and bass over treble...in the context of a fine turntable set up, PAD’s Corvus ekes out a level of performance that I’d not otherwise experienced, confirming again that in audio reproduction every part of the chain makes a difference. More worrying, I suppose, is that it’s not even their top cable, so you always wonder what the next one might provide. Leave that thought at the river, grasshopper, and just enjoy what you have here: great sound throughout the full range." (This refers to our Corvus Phono.)

"These cables are mind blowers in their price range. I think they are stunning in every way. What an upgrade in all ways. I will use this set to run to my bass amp in a biamp setup with panel speakers. I expect better bass and even greater clarity going by the sound of the Aqueous Luminsit that I have used as a run from the preamp to the x-over and to the high pass amp.
I will move the older but still great Aqueous Praesto IC to my CD player which will give me a ton of performance there and will move the Elementa Advanced to my FM tuner which should provide stellar performance."

"I recently bought a new computer dedicated for audio only, with a Lynx sound card. Last night I ran the PAD burn-in disk all night. I really didn't it would make a difference, BUT wow wow wow! The brightness has been removed, texture and delicacy of tone is amazing. Everything aspect of the music changed for the better. Thanks so much for developing the system enhancer."

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