Corvus Interconnects

The Corvus line of Interconnects are very unique in that they employ single crystal copper conductors and Ferox dampening material to give amazing tonality warmth and depth! They are available in Single-Ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) configurations. If your system demands a custom configuration, please contact us. We're able to custom-build to fit your needs!

As a part of Purist Audio Design's Luminist Revision, We redesigned and greatly improved the RCA connectors using beryllium copper and increasing the thickness of the gold plating. We also greatly improved the XLR connectors by using beryllium copper with gold plating on the pins.

All Corvus cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Corvus Interconnect Technical Specifications
ShieldingFoil 100%
Dielectric MaterialP.P.
gauge (effective)22 AWG
Dampening MaterialFerox
Capacitance28 pF/FT (pin to shield)
Resistance0.053 Ω/m (conductor)
Estimated Break-In Time250 Hours
Cable Diameter5/8" OD
Connector TypeGold RCA / Gold 3-Pole XLR
Material TreatmentTriple (3x) Cryomag©

What They're Saying

"I found the Tidal/Bricasti room consistently sounding good. The big Bricasti M28 amps, paired with the Bricasti M1 DAC produced a balanced, good sound. I returned to this room three times and each time it sounded great. I'm not sure what was doing what to make it sound so good."

"If I had to characterize the sound of the Purist-cabled analog rig in one word I would say ‘organic’. The whole sonic picture presents a detailed yet ever so slightly warm balance, rendering most recordings very pleasing to the ear. The PAD is open, clear, and slanted slightly toward the mids and bass over the context of a fine turntable set up, PAD’s Corvus ekes out a level of performance that I’d not otherwise experienced, confirming again that in audio reproduction every part of the chain makes a difference. More worrying, I suppose, is that it’s not even their top cable, so you always wonder what the next one might provide. Leave that thought at the river, grasshopper, and just enjoy what you have here: great sound throughout the full range." (This refers to our Corvus Phono.)

"I heard The Weekend's "Earned It" from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, exhibiting dynamics I didn't know the song had, huge soundstage, wide and very deep, and the vocals mesmerizing. Then I heard how sensational DSD can sound as Brian played some pieces from Channel Classics' catalog, WOW! Staggering dynamic swings, tons of detail, beautiful string tone, and a true sense of transparency usually reserved for RTR tapes and huge electrostatics."